Short Stories

And the Expetations

I was in a black dress gifted by him on my birthday..Standing in front of the mirror I was thinking which earrings will match.. After all he called me on a date. A date? Well I don’t know. I don’t expect much. He was the only one who mattered to me right then. Well there was a reaction between excitement and nervousness..and my heart acted as a catalyst. But I had to control myself.

Horn! Horn beeping! Is that he? Oh yes..he has come…to pick me up. After I went down..he was standing outside the car Prince Charming was waiting for his Cinderella. He offered me the sit next to him. The car did take a start..I was on my own world thinking about him..thinking how would I react to those three words? Well yes I do feel for him..I shall say yes. Meanwhile the car stopped. There was an expensive restaurant. My heartbeat did not seem to be normal.

We entered there..One table was full of roses and candles..he took me there. Oh my God..this is so special. I was blushing. He said he had a surprise for me..Well I had too. I kept secret of the band I brought for him. He said me to wait and then the surprise was there soon…

Maybe that was one of my memorable days…One beautiful lady in red gown came there..Wasn’t that the girl who broke his heart few weeks ago? Only I know how much pain he has suffered..but why was she there? Haha so foolish I am. That’s was indeed a stupid question.

Well I think Being a best friend I should have noticed there were chairs for three..and whoa what was I thinking? I was so happy for their patch up.. Arey but why my voice was choking? oops my eyeliners..what happened to them? I went to the washroom..saw an young..energetic independent lady..who did not need anyone to stay strong. And I came out smiling.


(Who used to be my best friend once <3)

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