Short Stories

Memories. Don’t open..


It was the last gift he got from her. Probably the best birthday gift it was for him. Nothing much but all he saw in that scrap book was the hard work, the affection. He felt the way she wanted to make him feel. Also he could smell her in every page of it.

He loved her. A lot a lot. Maybe it was his first “love”. Before none of the girl with whom he used to hangout was not of his type or those were not love actually. This time whatever he felt for her, that was totally unconditional …

Thing didn’t started like that. On the very first day the girl was a friend for him. Who was committed too. He started falling for her day by day. It was a booby trap of the sweetness of that child. C’mon she was a child. She wasn’t in a comfortable position with her boyfriend and many many complexities came in between them. They broke up and as a necessary shoulder, the guy presented himself there. With a help of his best friend, he somehow managed to send the proposal to the girl.

There were no option for the poor broken child to cure herself except the guy and that only happened. The guy was happy enough after getting her as his girlfriend. Love life was going on. Obviously some ups and downs were there, but they together used to solve everything.

When two people seems happy together, someone wants to destroy the happy kind of thing. Sometimes it may be some third person, sometimes god also. Maybe extra sugar makes a food bad. Actually, very bad…
The best friend of the guy…. Hmmm don’t be surprised. “The best friend of the guy” started chitchat with the girl. This became a so common story now a days. But this may not be common to all ….

So called best friend of him started taking chances on her. He used to calm her whenever problems were there in the relationship. The guy was very much introvert which was the plus point for the betrayer. The girl started believing in him. The way he promised her to keep her happy, she couldn’t reject his proposal

There were few memorable moments of there togetherness. The girl gifted a collection of all of their good memories, that scrap book.

Climax happened after few days, when the poor guy came to know it was all about a double timing. He asked her and she told all the truths. The guy was not mentally prepared for that. The shock he got made him a bit unstable. He asked her to clear whatever she did in this few days…. But but but ! Satan has his own way to complete the destruction process. Both the guy and the girl started being emotionally tortured by that son of a bitch. It was a slow poisoning process. Ended with the mutual break up of this two love birds.

The girl promised him, she will not be in a relationship with that guy. But at the end the guy became all alone. Actually promises are meant to be broken, huh ! His self destructive nature couldn’t overtake his responsibilities for his family. The girl went in a relationship with the fucker and informed that to the guy. She pointed out all the mistakes done by him in that relationship and blamed him only for everything. The guy was silent. The pain inside him was hitting him hard and hard. He wanted to scream “please come back to me, I love you !!!!” He couldn’t. The nature of him by which he wanted to satisfy everybody destroyed him completely from the core.


Four years later on a day, the guy was in a completely different city trying to concentrate on his study… Just completed one of his assignments, but …
But something was pricking in the back of his mind. A date. A simple date 8th January.
He thought that if he’ll sleep for sometime, it may be help him to concentrate again. Just he laid down on the bed, a thought came in his mind. Thought was about a bag. A handbag in which he used to keep all of his memories together.

He quickly opened his cupboard and took that bag from the backside of it’s ground compartment. It was almost covered by dust. Very carefully he made it clean. Ohhh ! Isn’t 8th day of the year is the birthday of her !!! He found the scrapbook then only in the top of all memories kept in the bag.

Stories don’t have romantic endings now a days. But this one has 😉

All the days he spent with her, all of there special moments, he revised everything one more time. It feels very good to him. Want to know why ? This guy was in love again. He was in love with someone else.

He started loving the pain.

~Escape City

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