Short Stories


The silence !!! Her silence …
The day he started his new journey, he tried not to do the same mistakes he did previously. This time he chose to hold the hand with someone who understands him, who understands the untold feelings, who can keep him calm in frustrating moments, who can encourage him.
When two people start their journey together, they face problems. Their thoughts may be different, their style sense may be different, their desires may be different. In fact they both may be completely different, but … But if they want to stay together, hold each other’s hand forever they can. Otherwise one excuse us enough for a break.
The boy was very caring about her. He couldn’t stay silent when any problem comes in between them, whenever this happens, he wants to talk and talk and solve that. The girl remained silent until the boy overthinks and bursts out.
Time may change everything, but this remained same. And again same thing happened today.

Time somehow managed to change. Slowly the boy became silent. Today he was sitting at a corner of the bed. When I asked him, what happened, he told absolutely nothing.

And then,
Nothing actually. He was letting everything go. Silence somehow managed to break him in pieces.

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