There was one kid who thought he had suffered all in this world and could never be happy.Thought that love was so easy to get and fell in love with various women.But no one stayed and left him in the dark.Got away from friends,got away from parents,got away from the place he loved the most.Cried a lot and complained a lot but slowly accepted that bitter sweet world.Crashed on to the first year and got sidelined by the world.But that never stopped him from dreaming.After a year he thought that his year has come and  he started flying as he never got so much confidence in himself ever before.Again fell in love with a women and hoped that this might be his true love.But like everytime this was not so simple. The kid just can’t get out of the matter like before. Something was pulling him back, dragging him back slowing down him.It was another women not so beautiful and not liked or loved by him like everyone he has ever loved.But she was something different. The kid was impatient and irritated when she didn’t talked to her,got angry on her when she talked with other boys but he just couldn’t realise why was that happening.But as time moved the kid slowly realised that it was that elixer he was waiting for his whole life.The one that was just made for him.And would you believe it or not, it was a zing in his heart for the first time.Maybe god was kind to him as for everyone’s surprise the kid is in a relationship for the first time. So happy that even if his throat bleeds he will smile. Dreamt about their life,their wishes and their fortunes.But deep inside he was in fear that why was god so kind on him.And like he thought the unthinkable happened and shattered all his dreams.His dream was slowly going away from him step by step and he could do nothing but smile for a better fortune of his dreamgirl. The kid was never the same,he smiled but was not happy.He played his games but failed everytime.His friends and mind all blamed the girl for her acts but never his heart. The whole world told him to got away from her but he never did that.Friends started giving alternatives but that could never quench his thirst. The kid changed slowly by crying in the night,by not eating food,by not playing games but only consoling his heart.Never was his heart as heavy as this before and he just couldn’t keep with that. The kid still loves the girl and maybe will love her the whole time he lives but he still wonders what if the girl loved him back?what if they go into a relationship?But he knows deep inside his dream will be his dream and not the reality. The kid is suffering,the kid is down to ground but the kid will never stop dreaming as he knows by only dreaming he can spent the most beautiful moments of his life with her.

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