Short Stories, Thoughts


There was a time, when we used to become sad because mom didn’t bought that toy for me, dad didn’t took me to a walk after completion of his work, one of the friend disagreed to play together.
It was my childhood, when things used to be very much simple. A little piece of a chocolate bar was enough to make me happy. A windy night with a sky full of stars was my dream picture. A lot of imaginations used to shov in a small head of mine. My parents, the two people were my world.
It was a time, when sudden power shutdown happened, the child used to had goosebumps, a mixed feeling of joy and fear covered the whole tiny head …

Ohh, the power supply started again in 3 minutes ! Now a days technology became advanced as f to recover everything…

A flashback just took him back down to his memory lane.


~Escape City

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