Short Stories

“First” …

It was her best friend’s birthday next morning. We were to throw a surprise birthday party at her place. We both were busy at something..she with the balloons, and I searching for a time to be her’s. She looked pretty great in pajama and a pink top…A moment later when she realized that I am still not done with the wall decoration..she  had a fury look in her eyes. But I was noticing her cheeks which were extra red at that time. How can someone be so cute while giving a look that she was the brother of Johann Georg..Well I was not gathering interest in continuing that shitty work. It’s already 1:50.

As soon as the clock dinged the bell of two, I gave up. She was also more or less finished up with her work. She sat on the couch while relaxing and opened her hair knot. I went beside her and sat in a very close and comfortable position. I was dying to have her in my feel her…to make love to her. But I tried to control my wild emotions unless she gave me a warm hug of thanks. I felt something inside me..we kept hugging each other for some moment. Then I sided her locks of hairs from her face and kissed her forehead. I could see her blushing. Then I could not resist myself from kissing her neck. My hands went around her waist..under her t-shirt..and then it continued until with the passage of time my lips reached near her’s. I kissed her lower lip first which she was biting for a long time. And then we shared a long kiss. It was indeed long. We kissed for 3 minutes. And the night was all long and romantic.

I don’t exactly remember about her friend’s 20th birthday.. but I surely remember that night. When we were lying together on the couch. I was in peace..peace of having her under my arms..peace of watching her falling asleep on my chest. I stared and stared at her…until the morning. Another sleepless night witnessed my love for her.


(Who used to be my best friend once <3)

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